The llamas – Who we are?

Hello, At Peruchos Food, we understand how frustrating it can be to crave Peruvian cuisine but not have access to the necessary ingredients. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing the flavors of Peru to you, no matter where you are in the world.

More and more Peruvian food is more appetizing all over the world, but it is not easy to obtain the Peruvian ingredients to make it at home.

we try to bring you all the favorite Peruvian products, and at a very reasonable price, week by week we add more products to our inventory

We are more than a simple online store

That’s why we decided to open Peruchos Food. The idea is to share the ingredients, seasonings, desserts, and more of Peruvian cuisine with you.

How we are going to do that?

  • We decide to sell desserts, Cookies, seasoning, spices, and more in our online store at unbeatable prices. So everybody can afford it.
  • We are opening a Peruvian food Club where people can subscribe for a low monthly price and receive a surprise Peruvian food product directly to their homes.
  • We are going to share with you recipes for famous Peruvian food, so you can make yourself the most delicious Peruvian dishes with our products.

Why can we sell so cheap?

We only sell Peruvian groceries online, we import large quantities of products from Peru, so we get the best costs in the market, 100% of our orders are online, so we don’t have many operating expenses.
In addition, for every product we sell on our website, we save the referral fee charged by a marketplace such as Amazon or Walmart.

So all these savings are passed on to our clients to help a growing community that loves the Peruvian food in the world.

The llamas in this project are:

Vladimir Leon

Web developer & CEO

A Venezuelan guy and a web developer who lives in New York but loves to eat everyday Peruvian food.

Mauricio Sanchez

Purchasing & CEO

A Peruvian chef that lives in Miami, doesn’t work as a chef but dreams to do it again.


Personal Assistant

A 25 Years old Peruvian, LUCIA is an Artificial Intelligence Useful Communication Language

One day we decided to unite our strengths and our love for Peruvian food to create Peruchos Food LLC

If you are a regular consumer of Peruvian food, you can get your favorite products here every month at an unbeatable price in our club.

Thanks for your trust.

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