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Peruvian 12 Assorted Treats Box

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Peruvian 12 Assorted Treats Box

Peruchos assorted cookie box free shipping front

box of 12 assorted Peruvian treats. This is a great way to savor our Peruvian cookies and chocolates and spend time with your family and friends. Indulge yourself with 12 different Peruvian treats you will love.

This is also an incredible way to say thank you to someone dear to you, or simply a different and very sweet gift to the right person.

You can add a free custom message you want to include inside the box, In this way, your gift will be more personal for the person who will receive the package.

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  • Receive a $5 credit store good for use in your next purchase after buying this Box.
  • 12 different Peruvian treats into a box
  • 14 Cookies/chocolates in total
  • Free Shipping included
  • Fast shipping service included
  • Perfect for Gifts
  • In Sale now, Up to 25% off
  • Free Personalized messages available to include inside the box
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This box makes a perfect gift for a Peruvian food lover, a birthday, a special date or simply to remember Peru.


box contents:

  1. Two (2) Nestlé Triángulo 30 gr chocolates
  2. Two (2) Nestlé Sublime 30 gr chocolates
  3. One (1) Nestlé Morochas cookie package
  4. One (1) Sayon Margarita cookies package (contains 8 cookies)
  5. One (1) Winter’s Picaras cookies package (contains 6 cookies 40 gr each)
  6. One (1)Victoria Lucuma Casino cookies package (contains 4 cookies)
  7. One (1) Victoria Naranja Chomp cookies package (contains 8 cookies)
  8. One (1) Costa Chocman cookie package
  9. One (1) Field Doña Pepa cookie pack (contains 2 cookies)
  10. One (1) Field Chokosoda 36 gr cookie pack
  11. One (1) Field Cua Cua 18 gr cookie pack
  12. One (1) Field Coronitas 38 gr cookie pack


Weight1.125 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 2 in
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3 reviews for Peruvian 12 Assorted Treats Box

  1. Sydney Izquierdo (verified owner)

    I bought this for my Peruvian husband and he was very pleased with the assortment. It was a wide range of things that were very popular and some lesser known items which gave good variety. Also nothing was close to expiration or was expired like we experienced with another company before. Highly recommend getting this to sample different products so you can see what you like.

  2. Sydney Izquierdo (verified owner)

    Also the shipping was outstandingly fast. We got it through priority USPS mail in 3 days and it was free shipping. Can’t beat that compared to what other competitors charge

  3. Luis Elias (verified owner)

    In the photo show all in a box… where is the box? …it came in a usps carton box.. very disappointing because it was a gift… also I wrote a message like you offer to do…. I wrote Happy Halloween!!! … where is the message.?. last time I order anything from you.

    • vil

      Luis, we are very sorry for this inconvenience, we are really sorry for this mistake on our side, we probably didn’t insert your message into the treats box because of the high volume of orders, we know this is not a valid excuse but, we will contact you in order to refund your money. About the shipping box, please take into account that this product is packaged in a regular mailing box as it is advertised on the product page. But thanks for letting us know your concern, so we will add a custom gift box for the customer to optionally ask for it.

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