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Walibi Pasta de Aji Amarillo, Panca y Rocoto Combo


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Walibi Pasta de Aji Amarillo, Aji Panca y Rocoto 14 oz combo | Red, Yellow Chili Pepper and Rocoto Peruvian Paste

Introducing the Walibi Pasta de Aji Amarillo, Aji Panca, and Rocoto 14 oz combo!
This combo pack features three essential Peruvian pastes that add a burst of flavor to various dishes.

Pasta de Aji Amarillo

walibi pasta aji amarillo

The first paste is the Yellow Chili Pepper Paste, made from 100% Aji Amarillo pulp, offering a vibrant and mildly spicy taste. It is perfect for preparing traditional dishes like Aji de Gallina and Papa a la Huancaina.

Pasta de Ají Panca

walibi pasta aji panca

The second paste is the Panca Pepper Paste, made from Aji Panca, which brings a smoky and fruity flavor to stews, ceviches, and marinades.

Pasta de Rocoto

walibi pasta rocoto

Lastly, the Red Hot Chili Pepper Paste, made from the renowned Rocoto pepper, offers a spicy kick to dishes like Rocoto Relleno and Chupe de Camarones.

Seasoner from your Peruvian Dishes

These authentic Peruvian pastes, imported from Peru, are indispensable for recreating the rich flavors of Peruvian cuisine.


  • Walibi Peruvian Paste 3 Pack Combo | Combo Walibi de 3 Pastas Esenciales para la comida Peruana
  • 1 Yellow Chili Pepper Paste, Walibi Peruvian Brand | 1 Pasta de Ají Amarillo Marca Peruana Walibi
  • 1 Red Hot Chili Pepper Paste, Walibi Peruvian Brand | 1 Pasta de Rocoto Marca Peruana Walibi
  • 1 Panca Pepper Paste, Walibi Peruvian Brand | 1 Pasta de Ají Panca Marca Peruana Walibi
  • 13.9 oz Net weight | Peso neto 380 g
  • These three chili peppers are the 3 most essential for all preparations in Peruvian meals, these pastes are 100% Aji pulps
  • Imported from Peru, the Expiration date could be stamped in Spanish format DD/MM/YY

Weight2.82 lbs
Dimensions5 × 9 × 4 in



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