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Helena Chocolatier

The renowned house of Peruvian sweets from the city of Ica, Peru. With more than 40 years, Helena chocolatier has been mainly dedicated to the homemade production of Las Tejas and Chocotejas, a famous Peruvian sweet from southern Peru.

Tejas Helena
The Helena Tejas is a sweet covered with Milk Caramel (Manjarblanco), fruits and fondant. The Tejas comes in 3 different flavors, Pecan, Lemon and Walnut.
Chocotejas Helena
After her success with the Tejas, Helena Chocolatier created the Chocotejas like the Tejas but bathed in Chocolate and filled with classic caramel and several flavors.  The Chocotejas comes are available in these flavors: Fig, Walnut, Pecan, Guava, Orange, Prune, Quince, Chestnut and Raisins and Pisco.

 First Class treat in your home.
Did you know that Tejas and Chocotejas Helena are served to American Airlines first-class passengers on flights to/from Peru since the year 2000? Now you can also enjoy these first-class sweets in the comfort of your home at the best price possible.
Choose your Favorite.
Peruchos Food gives you the opportunity to select between the whole variety of Helena Tejas and Chocotejas and we packed them in a Deluxe Box, perfect to gift somebody or just to indulges yourself. Choose just one flavor in one box of 6 units or any possible combination, so you can try and enjoy all of them.

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