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Peruvian 20 Assorted Treats and Inca Kolas Box

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Peruvian Inca Kolas Sodas and 18 Assorted Treats items Lunch Box

Introducing the 2 Peruvian Sodas and 18 Assorted Treats Lunch Box! Immerse yourself in the flavors of Peru with this delightful selection. Designed for two people, this box contains a variety of delectable goodies, including Inca Kola sodas, traditional Doña Pepa, Cua cua, Chomp, sublimes, Habas, cookies, and indulgent chocolates. With 18 different Peruvian treats to enjoy, along with 2 refreshing Inca Kolas, this collection offers a perfect way to spend quality time with a partner or loved one. Experience the vibrant tastes of Peru, all in one convenient package. Treat yourself to a journey of flavors and create unforgettable moments.


  • Assorted Box includes 20 Treats and sodas, Box includes famous Inca Kolas, Cookies and Chocolates from Peru
  • different Peruvian treats into a box
  • 18 Cookies and 2 Inca Kolas
  • Free Shipping included
  • Fast shipping service included
  • Perfect for 2 person Lunch

This box makes a perfect gift for a Peruvian couple food lover, a birthday, a special date or simply to share with somebody.

box contents:

Weight2.81 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 7 in
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